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Turbine engine models for the RC Jet are now cheaper than before. 
Turbine engine models are ideal for DIY or beginners.


The turbine engine model ' JJ-1400 has a thrust of 14 Lbs. Our models are manufactured with the latest CNC technology and aerospace materials. We keep all the needed spare parts in stock ensuring rapid service. Also, we guarantee quality models and repair services. We hope to supply powerful, precise and quality model engines for collectors or for a real RC jet.


For US $759.00 you can get a DIY ' JJ-1400 KIT and take the enjoyment of assembling it yourself.

Length (from top inlet to tail cone end)  155mm      

Diameter                                                  90mm 
Weight                                                      850grams
Thrus t
Nominal EGT                                           680Deg C
Maximum RPM                                       160000
Fuel                                                           Jet-A, Kerosene
Lubricant                                                  Turbine oil.
Max Thrust                                              14 lbs


For US $859.00 you can get a completely updated assembled ' JJ-1400 mini turbine